Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about Virtual Reality…

VR is no other thing but the universe of objects, enviroments or elements virtually created in 3 dimensions by computer and which need of an auxiliar technologic device, which can be for emision or percection to be perceibed by people: VR glases, computer, movil devices, tablets, projectors… VR implies the posibility of interaction by the user; at least 3D movement capability for the observer to the observed and viceversa, as it would happen in a real enviroment o with a real object in which the person can move arround the room or catch and move and object, turn it or watch it from any angle and distance.

To access VR it is necessary some element or technologic device that lets us look, somehow, throgh the window to this paralel digital world. They can be VR glases, there are different brands: Oculus, Samsung, Woxter or Google Cardboard. ANy way is not the only device which can conect us with virtual world. Through a computer screen a tablet or a phone concted to the internet it is posible to interact and experiment VR, cause thanks to WebGL technology we have the posibility to move and move us freely in a virtual enviroment. We SeeYouZooM create virtual enviroments and objects and we give access to the virtual visualization window. In conclusion, VR glases are a way but not the only one to experiment VR.

It is not necesary to make big changes on your web, neither in its internal configuration nor in its structure; in fact if you want you do not have to make any. And your business plan does not have to change, but the modernity and evolution image that is reflected from the very first moment VR is aplied is evident. The VR window can be embleed easily in every web by eframe. It is like a youtube video that you can upload to your web but it can also be shared or published on social networks. It is not necesary special technology or big knowledges to practice or enjoy it.

You can give us the plans, images and materials of the project. Plans can be in any format: pdf, jpg, CAD or paper, or even hand sketches. As many photos as possible.

Any way we as architects we can mesure and make the plans for you and take the photos.

It is also important for us to know you goals with the 3D model so we can provide you the best solution for your case.

It depends on the number of rooms, furniture, elements to model, surfaces, complexity, desired quality and detail levels and other factors. From SeeYouZooM we will always give you at least two budget posibilities with different price and characteristics.

Do not hesitate on contacting us to ask for quote.

As it happens with budget, times and terms of working and delivery vary in every project and depends on its complexity. It is also a matter of how bussy we are and the priority you want to give to the project.

With the proposal and the budget we will give you and aproximate working and delivery calendar.

We deliver a link to the 3D visualization window and an iframe so you can embleed it on your web. And also images and renders in .jpg or .png format. We will send this files by email.

During the working process we will send you images of how is it going and you can ask for a certain number of changes if you want. Once it is finished, you can tell us to change it, delete it or desactivate under cost.

There are two ways to observe and explore a VR model in your computer: Orbit Mode and First Person Mode.